Q. Do I need expensive servers to run?

A. No our system runs on standard PC’s with standard networking

Q. How well will the WMS integrate with our current system?

A. Our Warehouse Management Systems are designed to be easy to integrate with your current system. There are obviously need to be things that need looking into. The best place to find out is for you to enquire and we can talk specifically about your system.

Q. Do you offer after ‘going live’ support?

A. Yes, we want all our clients to succeed, so we are always available to discuss any complications or issues that happen after the system has been put live.

Q. What is a paperless warehouse?

A. A paperless warehouse is a system that works using technology and dynamic information to run without the need to print hard copies (although these can be printed for backup). Our real time information system keeps all the data and information throughout the warehouse in easy to see and access places so that all the information any person could need can be got at instantly.