Why choose us

Why choose us as a partner for you. We have been in the business for over 25 years so have the experience in dealing with many systems and industries. We are sure that we would be a great choice of partner for you.

Our Warehouse Management Systems have improved picker work rates and enjoyment in there jobs leading to less wasted time and human inaccuracies. Our customers are amazed by the results and pick rates that they can achieve by using our software and experience.

Our experience covers both programming and installation and have worked in both the technical side and physical side in commissioning projects.

Working with clients to get the best out of the system is what we do best. We have built up a great partnership with customers who have counted on us to meet deadlines and build systems that can cope with being put through there paces.

We have worked with many leading names and smaller companies giving them the best solution for their budgets.